Monday, August 27, 2012

World Bloggers' Day 2012 Celebration

What? Blog Writing and Designing Competition
When? Friday, 31st August 2012
Where? MBICEM of course!
Who? All students are invited to take part.
Topic: Write whatever you wish. Choose wisely!

Registration: Send an email to latest by 28 August 2012. Provide the following details to register: Full Name, Year,  Section,  Blog address/url.

1.       Students would be allowed to write one post on which they would be marked.
2.       One entry per student is permitted.
3.       Students may use their already existing blog to enter in the competition or create a new blog on /
4.       Students are free to choose the templates.
5.       There is NO word limit for writing the blog post. But yes, there is a time limit: 45 minutes per participant.
6.       The content of the post must be self-created and not copied. Any instance of plagiarism would be considered as violation of the rules and the entry would be disqualified.
7.       All the entries would be marked on the basis of creativity, originality, template theme, aesthetics of the blog, images or pictures used.
8.       Participants may use their self-clicked pictures to be included in the blog which they can either download from their mail account or bring in CDs/flash drives.
9.       Participants must not bring in use any unwanted/provocative images or content which would be subject to any disciplinary action against the student.
10.   Participants would be allotted slots according to their year – 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The student would be allowed to write the blog entry only during the time slot provided. No student would be entertained in case they miss their slot.
11.   Students are encouraged to maintain the blog which they create as a part of their competition.

If you have a laptop and/or a wireless internet data card, then please bring them with you on the day of the competition to the venue. Provide the information regarding the same while registering.

The Winners
1.       The best entries would be chosen by a panel of judges. Their decision would be considered as final.
2.       The best entries would be chosen as winning entry. There would be the following prizes:
a)      Best blog writer (content)
b)      Best blog design
c)       Best blogger (package)

For further details, please e-mail us or contact us on our facebook page:

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